Works / Elixir

Elixir is a romance novel about a computer coming to life and falling in love with the woman who ejaculates on its motherboard. It is, funny as it may sound, an attempt to hone my moment to moment prose regardless of concept. I am much more confident in my structural writing than I am in my prose, and I figure what better way to work on my charm and minute to minute than a romance novel, the most apres genre in the whole wide world. I would also like to do some gross tranny shit here, which gives me an additional tone challenge! I'm excited, at the very least. I think this will turn out interesting, at the very least. It also has the benefit of being the shortest of any project concepts I have now, being more in the novella range than the colossal projects on the other burners.


This project is probably more in the neighborhood of 40k or so words, plus or minus 10k. That would make it technically doable in like, a month or less without too much stress. I'm talking myself into kicking this up the priority list...

Progress: prewriting mostly done.