Works / All My Friends Are Getting Their Faces Cut Off

AMFAG is a literary fiction novel structured through four interviews with the 4 members of an all-transfem polycule in Seattle. It works around themes of trans separatism, national identity, otherness, communication, and solidarity in the face of mutual dislike. It's also (obviously) about the semiotics of interview, and the muddy line between reality and documentary.


Originally, I had planned to conduct a number of interviews while travelling in the PNW during August 2023, but it's seeming less and less like that will be an option. I would ideally like to conduct a number of these interviews still, but when that will work out is anyone's guess. University starts back up at the end of august, and I am already at the brink of collapse. The interview questions, however, are mostly done, and I've already written a pretty large chunk of the introduction. Pending more research, but there it is.

Progress: around 10% ◼□□□□□□□□□